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Reflective teaching; Reading teachers--Attitudes;


The purpose of this self-study was to critically examine whether or not my beliefs about literacy are reflected in my teaching practice. In addition, it was to determine if my teaching practice aligned with six instructional elements for literacy suggested by Allington and Gabriel (2012) in their article “Every Child, Every Day.”

There were three data sources in this study. I kept a time-log for one week with an instructional calendar about my schedule for literacy instruction. At the end of each day, I wrote a post-teaching reflection. The third data source was my personal, written responses to each of Allington and Gabriel’s (2012) six suggested elements. The data were analyzed using a constant-comparison method.

The findings indicated that my practice is somewhat aligned to Allington and Gabriel’s (2012) suggested literacy elements. However, my ideal beliefs do not align with my teaching practices. There is evidence of tension between my teaching practice and my beliefs. There was even evidence that suggests that my ideal beliefs do not align with my real beliefs. In an effort to improve my teaching practices, I need to better understand my beliefs.

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