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Hybrid power systems--Iowa--Cedar Falls; Renewable energy sources--Iowa --Cedar Falls; Solar energy--Iowa--Cedar Falls; Wind power--Iowa--Cedar Falls;


Renewable energy sources are considered as alternative energy sources in order to replace current energy production systems and meet energy demands in the future. Renewable hybrid energy systems consist of two or more energy sources. Wind and solar energy sources are environmentally friendly, domestic, and finite energy sources. Either wind or solar applications may not be individually feasible to meet energy demand at some areas. However, combining these two energy sources will allow the use of energy systems effectively. There are two main concerns while designing and analyzing wind-solar hybrid power systems: system power reliability under varying climate conditions and corresponding system cost. Developments of new technology application of hybrid power systems reduce cost and raise power capacities which make such systems very popular for some countries. This research investigates the design and economic aspects, and analyses of a small size grid connected wind-solar hybrid power system at the University of Northern Iowa. This research provides a simulation study for the power system under fault operations. ETAP and HOMER simulation software tools are used in order to perform simulation studies for this research. The outcome from several case studies will be presented using simulated grid connected wind-solar hybrid power system. Simulation case studies are: Case study I: Load flow analysis. Case Study II: DC load flow analysis due to adding the battery array to the system. Case Study III: Unbalanced load flow analysis due to a phase fault of three phases of the power system. Each case study concentrates on the system’s behavior and reaction under different working condition

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Mohammad Fahmy

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