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Children with disabilities--Means of communication; Teachers--Training of;


The purpose of this research was to examine aided input as an intervention strategy for teaching children language and communication skills through Augmentative and Alternative Communication. This study examined whether a coaching package is effective for enabling teachers to use aided input strategies and also examine the impact of the aided input strategies on children’s communication skills. Data was collected for six weeks using the AB alternating reversal design with the last two weeks being maintenance phases without coaching and support. There were three pieces of data collected; student pre and posttests of target words, daily observations of teacher instruction with scoring on a fidelity checklist, and post interviews with the teachers. Results suggest teachers were able to learn to implement aided input through coaching and support. Furthermore, teachers were able to continue implementation with high-quality/fidelity when support is faded. Moreover, when comparing the mean growth of student word identification between the two conditions, a trend appeared higher with aided input having more words acquired than during the standard condition. All three teachers perceived aided input as having a direct impact on the child’s language and communication.

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Doctor of Education


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