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Oral communication--Study and teaching (Higher); Distance education--Computer-assisted instruction; Internet in education;


The purpose of this study is to examine instructor experiences regarding their transition from the face-to-face teaching format to the online format of a basic oral communication course. Qualitative interviews were conducted with ten instructors who have transitioned their basic oral communication class to online. Participants were recruited using the Basic Communication Course Directors List Serv and NCA’s CRTNET. Interviews were conducted face-to-face and over the phone using a set of twelve semi-structured interview questions. Participants were instructors from both community colleges and universities. This qualitative study explores all aspects of the transition, including levels of instructor training, the importance of building and maintaining community in the online classroom as well as various challenges experienced by the instructors as a result of the transition. Instructors shared the view that institutions should offer formal training for those who wish to teach online. The study also uncovered that instructors feel it is extremely important to strive for community in the online classroom. Finally, this study revealed unique challenges experienced by instructors including the overall uniqueness of online instruction, the resistance of some peers to teach online, lack of consistent accountability with online instruction and the overall perception of rigor with the online format.

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