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Leak detectors--Technological innovations; Hydraulic machinery--Testing;


It is preferable to detect leakage at the earliest phase in the manufacturing process, and then further assembly of hydraulic components with leakage problems can be avoided. Integrating a USB based microcontroller and a pressure sensor; this study developed a hydraulic leakage detection system in using air instead of hydraulic oil as medium, through measuring pressure decay signals captured by a real time data acquisition system. Compared with the conventional hydraulic system using oils, this system shows advantages in safety operation and little environmental concerns due to use a lower pressure clean air.

The low-cost hydraulic leakage detection system was developed can record and visualize the system pressure in real time. Experimental tests were conducted to test this system performance. The pressure decay of the hydraulic system inserted in good hydraulic tubes were tested as the system pressure holding performance baseline, and then compared with the pressure decay of the same system when the tube was installed with connection errors. The experiments were repeated when the system was set up at different operating pressure levels to test if the system can consistently fulfill its designed functionality. Through statistical analysis it was found that the developed prototype system can capture and visualize the pressure decay curve in real time, and two signals, the pressure drop from the test start to end point and the pressure drop rate in the testing period, can be used as featured characteristics to quickly detect hydraulic leakage components’ status.

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