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Reading (Elementary)--Middle West; Tutors and tutoring--Middle West; Education, Elementary--Parent participation--Middle West; University of Northern Iowa. Reading Clinic--Public opinion;


The purpose of this study was to examine tutor and families’ perceptions of the UNI Reading Clinic. Experts in the field suggested many benefits of family literacy for both the children and adults working with them such as increased reading skills, interaction between school and home, self-confidence, and supports for learning at home. This qualitative study was conducted using a descriptive case study research design using a journaling intervention tool. The case study focused on perceptions parents have of the UNI reading program. Undergraduate tutors communicated through the journal through 10 weeks of instruction. Analysis of data indicated that parents liked the communication tool as well as the clinic as a whole. Undergraduate students found that they grew as professionals through the experience of communicating with parents. This study offers suggestions for researchers, teachers, and administrators such as utilizing different demographic groups, looking at middle and high school parental perceptions, providing knowledge of family literacy to preservice and in-service to teachers, and creating parallel practices between school and home.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Sarah Vander Zanden, Chair

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