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Athletic ability--Physiological aspects; Women athletes--Physiology;


The purpose of the study was to determine which resistance loads would elicit maximal values of peak power output (PP), mean power output (MP) and fatigue index (FI) of college-age females. A second purpose was to examine the predictability of certain anthropometric and performance variables on the optimal load used for the Wingate Anaerobic Test. Twenty-one female volunteers, aged 20-27 years, performed a 10-second maximal cranking test, an area of muscle mass assessment of the thigh as well as three 30-second Wingate Anaerobic Power Tests (WAT) using loads of 75, 90 and 105 g/kg. The variables PP (W and W /kg), MP (W and W /kg) and FI were analyzed using a repeated measure ANOV A. A linear regression analysis was used to predict maximal power using the predictor variables. Pearson's correlation coefficients were used to determine associations between all variables. Results of the study indicated females generated higher power outputs at loads greater that 75 g/kg when performing the WAT. Loads of at least 90 g/kg are needed to obtain maximal PP (Wand W/kg) and loads of at least 90 g/kg are needed to generate maximal MP (Wand W/kg). Therefore, the results of this study support the use of one load (90g/kg) to generate maximal PP and MP (Wand W/kg) on the WAT. In addition, three predictive equations were formulated to predict PP output (Wand W/kg) and MP output (W). A significant correlation was found between maximal cranking velocity and maximal PP in watts. Area of muscle mass in the thigh significantly correlated with maximal PP in watts and watts/kg.

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Master of Arts


School of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services

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Forrest Dolgener

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Kevin Finn

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Sue Joslyn


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