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Locus of control; Motivation in education; Self-perception in children;


This study investigated 13 preservice regular education reading teachers' use of curriculum-based measurement (CBM) data under specified conditions. Conditions included: (a) providing preservice teachers with 75 minutes of training in the use of CBM in reading, (b) biweekly CBM administration and graphing during a 10-week practicum experience, and (c) concomitant use of other reading measures [e. g., Reading Miscue Inventory (RMI), Running Records (RR)]. Exit interviews indicated that preservice teachers made use of CBM data in some, but not all, of the important ways suggested in the research literature. Preservice teachers provided the following positive ratings of CBM: (a) CBM and RMI were equally sensitive to documenting change in their clients' literacy and more sensitive to change than RR, (b) CBM was significantly more user-friendly than RR and RMI, and (c) preservice teachers perceived themselves as being skilled in administering, graphing, and interpreting CBM. There was a significant, moderately high correlation between preservice teachers' global ratings of progress and CBM graphing of progress. In spite of these positive indicators of CBM use, preservice teachers reported using information other than CBM (e. g., anecdotal measures) as evidence of client progress. They also reported RR as the reading measure they were most likely to use in the future.

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Specialist in Education


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Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations

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Annette M. Iverson


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