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The purpose of this study was to develop a set of evaluative criteria to be used in the analysis of student teaching programs. The approach to the study of the problem was to survey the literature of the field by known experts to determine their thinking on what is a good student teaching program. From this authoritative source, a set of evaluative criteria in the form of a checklist was developed.

Student teaching programs have been under much criticism in recent years. Since student teaching is considered the one most important experience in any teacher education program, problems related to this area obviously need to be studied.

Many colleges and universities that train teachers have a laboratoryresearch- type campus school as an integral part of the on-campus facilities. Because of the need to train a larger number of teachers to meet the needs of schools, the teacher training institutions have not only had to use their own facilities but also public school facilities to serve as cooperating schools. Thus, the selection of the cooperating school, selection of supervising teachers, as well as all other facets of the student teaching program needs to be spelled out specifically. This also leads the teacher training institution to take a sound look at the professional experience required in the pre-service training of teachers.

As student teaching programs developed many legal questions arose as to the status of the student teacher. In general, courts have handed down decisions that have favored student teaching programs. However, there are still many unanswered legal questions about student teachers.

A vital factor in student teaching is the evaluation that takes place while the student teaching program is in progress. This evaluation should be continuous, constructive, and conducive to growth in the attributes that lead the student to becoming a good teacher.

This study is concluded with the preparation of criteria for evaluation in the major areas of student teaching. A graph, following the pattern of the North Central Association of Secondary Schools, Evaluative Criteria, when completed for a program will indicate relative strengths or weaknesses in a specific student teaching program.

The major areas for which criteria were developed are: 1. Selection of Off-Campus Student Teaching Centers 2. The Cooperating School Agreement Contract 3. Selection of Supervising Teachers 4. Effective Supervision of Student Teachers 5. Evaluation of the Teaching Process 6. Proper Assignments for Student Teachers 7. The Obligation of the Public School to the College 8. The Responsibility of the College to the Public School

The use of these evaluative criteria should lead to growth and improvements in student teaching programs.

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