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Supplemental instruction has become so prevalent that it is simply a thing educators do to students without the students’ input or their understanding of its purpose. This prevalence combined with a lack of understanding on the part of the students could create problems around programmatic success and student motivation in addition to the potential of limiting access to coursework. Due to the fact that there is not an abundance of research focused on the student perceptions of supplemental instruction there is consensus that this perspective is often absent despite its critical role (Yazzie-Mintz & McCormick, 2012).

The proliferation of supplemental programming would indicate that these measures are necessary though the programming is not the success that educators had hoped for despite the dedication of countless resources in the forms of time, staffing, curriculum, and training. One missing element to the work has been the inclusion of student perspectives in the planning and implementation of supplemental programming.

This qualitative study looks to dig deeper into student perspectives regarding multiple aspects of supplemental instruction including the identification process for supplemental instruction, student motivation to succeed in supplemental instruction, and the impact that supplemental instruction has on the opportunity for students involved in supplemental programming to access other course offerings. Data was collected through the use of classroom observations, artifact collection, and focus group interviews. This data was then analyzed and is presented in a descriptive qualitative study focusing on the phenomenon of supplemental instruction through the perspectives of students enrolled in a comprehensive urban high school in the midwestern United States.

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