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Achievement motivation; Mastery learning; Motivation in education; School environment; Academic theses;


This study seeks to examine one aspect of school climate, school culture, through the lens of achievement goal theory in order to link the broad construct of climate and educational practices. Achievement goal theory is a motivational theory that provides a framework for organizing and construing cognitive and affective responses to achievement related situations. An underlying assumption of the current study is that goal structures can positively influence school climate and lead to positive outcomes for students. Goal structures were investigated through educator perceptions of goal structures and educators self-reports of their educational practices. Overall, the 124 educators who responded to the on-line survey, reported engaging in mastery oriented practices and perceiving school support for mastery practices. Educators also perceived a high level of school mastery goal structure and lower levels of school performance goal structure. Responses to mastery related items were positively correlated, suggesting a relationship between educator practices, perceived school support for those practices, and perceived school goal structure. School SES was also correlated with school support for mastery practices. School support for mastery practices was negatively correlated with reading and math achievement. These preliminary results suggest that there is potential in using achievement goal concepts as a way to concretely operationalize an aspect of school climate.

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Specialist in Education


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Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations

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Charlotte Haselhuhn


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