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Cognition in children--Testing; Seriation by children (Psychology);


The results of the Benziger Early Learning Assessment (BELA) classification and seriation subtests previously administered to 359 white, primarily middle-class preschool and primary grade school children were analyzed to determine the degree of relationship, interaction and parallelism between these two cognitive skills across age groups of children. In addition, the existence of any sex differences in performance was examined. The 359 children were grouped into three successive age groups at six-month intervals beginning with the age of four years and six months.

Results indicated that the relationship between seriation and classification, as measured by the BELA, was positive and quite low, although still significantly different from zero in all three age groups. The increase in mean scores in successively older age groups on both tasks indicated that the two interrelated skills developed in a parallel manner. No differential performance by sex was noted.

Some possible reasons for the lower than anticipated relationship between seriation and classification were suggested, such as variations between studies in the methods of defining and assessing the skills.

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