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Current research on teaching strategies for language arts advocates the use of an integrated approach. This approach calls for the treatment of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in relation to each other. Thus, learning in one area may benefit the others. While current literature states that this is not commonly happening in our schools today, there is an increasing awareness of the need to implement such strategies.

To help facilitate this change, curricular guidelines have been developed by the State of Iowa to help schools develop new language arts curricula that will reflect current research. These guidelines stress the integration of language arts instruction both within itself and with other curricular areas.

This study was designed to compare the guidelines set forth by the Iowa language arts curriculum guide with a model program that has been recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English as an exemplary program in the nation. Through this comparison, the degree of correspondence between the two was noted. It was felt that a strong correspondence would suggest that the use of the guide would lead to the development of future curricular approaches that would be consistent with educational approaches advocated by professional organizations in the field and current research.

The study compared the Iowa language arts curriculum guide and the model using four areas of the guide. These are: (a) the rationale section, (b) the philosophy section, (c) the goals stated in the guide, and (d) the characteristics of an effective language arts program as outlined in the "Scope and Sequence" section of the guide. Each of these areas was covered item by item identifying similarities and differences between the guide and the model.

The comparison showed a high degree of correspondence between the Iowa language arts curriculum guide and the model used. The model reflected all aspects of the guide and demonstrated that schools could develop curricula consistent with current research through the use of the guidelines presented. The guide directs the development of language arts programs that implement the integration advocated in current research. Therefore, the use of curriculum guides such as the one developed by Iowa can help develop curriculum that will narrow the gap between theory and practice.

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Mary Bozik


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