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Deaf -- Rehabilitation; Hearing aids -- Psychological aspects;


There were two purposes of this research. First, the personality characteristics of the newly amplified hearing-impaired adult were examined. Second, the effect of the combination of the individual's knowledge of their personality type and their use of the hearing aid on their perception of hearing handicap was investigated. The need for an individualized approach to aural rehabilitation has been repeatedly stressed (Alpiner, 1982a; McCarthy & Alpiner, 1982). The understanding of individual personality types would be a step in the development of remedial programs that are adapted to the individual. There is little information that describes the newly amplified hearing impaired adult's personality. Yet this is a segment of the hearing impaired population that frequently requires aural rehabilitation. Ten newly amplified hearing-impaired adults participated in the study. The subjects were administered two instruments. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was given during the first session to determine personality type. The Hearing Performance Inventory .<.H.nl was administered at both the first and second session to determine perception of hearing handicap. Results of the MBTI indicate that in three of the four dimensions, sensing/intuition, feeling/thinking, and judging/perceiving the subjects scores were similar to the general population. On the extraversion/introversion dimension the subjects scored nearly the opposite of the general population with the largest percentage of the subjects falling into the introversion category. The combination of personality type disclosure and hearing aid use appeared to have some effect on perception of hearing handicap. The results of the study indicate that newly amplified hearing impaired adults may have specific personality characteristics. Knowledge of these traits may help audiologists with their intervention techniques for newly amplified hearing-impaired adults.

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Joseph Smaldino


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