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Dating (Social customs) -- United States, Interpersonal relations


Social exchange theory suggests that when dating people with higher prestige, persons of lower prestige will need to compensate for the lack of prestige through their dating behaviors. The present study partially replicated and extended research that examined the effect of social prestige on the date selection process. It looked at the dating behaviors of college students in regard to the social prestige of each of the dating partners. Alcohol use, sexual permissiveness, sexual behaviors, and the amount of money spent on dates were examined with data from self-administered questionnaires.

Although dating among young adults is a common occurrence, little about their dating behaviors is found in the scientific literature. Especially scarce is literature focused upon the influence of prestige characteristics on dating behaviors. The present study will examine the influence of relative prestige differences between college student dating partners on their dating behaviors.

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Master of Arts


Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

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Keith B. Crew


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