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Social interaction in children -- Sex differences, Sex differences in education, Sex differences (Psychology) in children, Day care centers, Preschool teachers -- Attitudes


This research examined the differences in confrontational interaction between boy and girl toddlers, and differences in how caregivers react to the children involved based on the children's gender. It is important to examine these differences in order to understand how gender differences are reproduced as children are socialized in day care culture.

Using content analysis of teacher-reported incidents occurring in a day care center, I explore the details of toddler confrontational behaviors from the teachers' perspectives following the incidents. My findings indicate that during confrontational interaction the children's gendered behavior in this study was similar to adults' gendered behavior revealing patterns of boy perpetration and girl victimization. The findings also reveal that teachers' responses to these confrontational interactions reinforce the children's gendered behavior.

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Master of Arts


Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology


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