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Medical care--Vocational guidance--United States; High school students--Vocational guidance--United States;


Many high school healthcare career exploration programs have emerged in an effort to raise awareness of the vast number of different jobs that exist in the healthcare field, as well as to increase the likelihood that students will choose a career in the healthcare field. A significant gap in research exists in evaluating the effectiveness of these programs. This mixed-methods study aims to fill that gap by evaluating the effect participation in the Maroons in Health Science career exploration program has on expanding the knowledge of healthcare career opportunities and the attitude toward pursuing a healthcare career. This study presents findings from two different sources, quantitative data from pre- and post- Likert-scale survey questions and qualitative data from interviews completed by participants in the Maroons in Health Science career exploration program. The results suggest that participating in the Maroons in Health Science career exploration program increases the knowledge of different healthcare careers as well as the interest in a healthcare career. This study has implications for high school students because it provides experiences that contribute to their career knowledge so career decisions can be made at an appropriate time in their lives. This study also has implications for school and hospital administrators. Career exploration programs like the Maroons in Health Sciences program require a partnership among schools, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations. Their commitment of time, effort, and resources is paramount in the success of the program.

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Master of Arts


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Jody Stone

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