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Lungs--Disease, Obstructive--Patients--Education; Bristol COPD Knowledge Questionnaire--Translations into Spanish; Spanish language--Dialects;


COPD is the major cause of respiratory mortality world-wide. The treatment of COPD includes education and self-management to enable patients to control the symptoms, handle the treatment, manage the physical and psychosocial consequences of the disease, and adopt the necessary lifestyle changes for dealing with a chronic condition. Measurement of results of interventions is necessary to demonstrate their effectiveness. Questionnaires help clinicians measure the level of knowledge before and after treatments. However, there are no questionnaires available in Colombian Spanish to measure knowledge of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This research resulted in the translation into Spanish, cultural adaptation, and content validity of the Bristol COPD Knowledge Questionnaire (BCKQ) which previously did not exist. The process of translation and adaptation followed two forward translations, synthesis of the forward translations, back translation, review of the back-translation, and the consultation with clinicians and informants for the items that were problematic to translate and adapt. Ten health care professionals participated in the content validity evaluation. They ranked the 65 items of the questionnaire as clear, coherent, and sufficient. Two of the 65 items were considered not relevant. The following steps for adopting the questionnaire for clinical use include submitting the questionnaire to patient evaluation and the measurement of other psychometric properties. The researcher expects the Colombian Spanish version of the BCKQ to become a tool for clinicians, academics, and health care institutions to improve the understanding of the disease that may enhance the care offered to patients living with COPD.

Key words: COPD, Lung Disease, Questionnaire, Translation, Cultural Adaptation, Content Validity, Spanish.

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