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My method for analysis includes the use of primary interviews from both men and women, as well as primary documents which provide evidence to my findings. This thesis includes the works of key historians and scholars who have conducted phenomenal research on women and have written great accounts on the Troubles. The thesis begins with an historical perspective on the early years of the Troubles, while also focusing on Irish republicanism and gender relations in 1970s Northern Ireland. It also contains an historical examination of the PIRA and an analysis on the motives for joining the paramilitary organization, as well as the roles women performed in the Republican Movement. The thesis focuses on the relationships between the motives, and subsequent roles, of Cumann na mBan and PIRA women and gender ideology within Irish republicanism. This work also explains how Irish republican views of women, as well as PIRA and Cumann na mBan women in general, conflicted with traditional Northern Irish gender norms. Lastly, this thesis emphasizes the importance of understanding the relationships between gender and ideology during the times of the Troubles as it provides a critical lens in which to understand the Troubles itself.

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