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There were two serial killers roaming DuPage County, Illinois, in the 1970s and early 1980s, looking for teenage girls. I would reach my teens during this time. somehow escaping the sharp knives of either man. Nevertheless, my childhood was filled with violence: the flames of riots in impoverished neighborhoods of Chicago; peaceful student protestors who were brought down by billy clubs and mace; and a mass murder so horrifying that it terrified me for years. Intertwining these events were the occasional chaos and violence in a home where love was fiercely felt and the ghostly images of soldiers in Vietnam on our television screen. Then, of course, was my disastrous navigation of the social milieu of high school, and in my senior year, a wild ride through a wooded area, chased by someone who looked a lot like one of the serial killers whose identity was not known until the year of this writing.

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Master of Arts


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Jeremy Schraffenberger, Chair, Thesis Committee

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