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Fantasy fiction;


In this fantasy novel, there is unrest throughout the monarchies of Ilandria and the land is on the brink of civil war. When a dark divination is whispered to the powerhungry King Baron, he becomes desperate to stop the predicted calamity from befalling him and the kingdom of Mandor, no matter the cost. His armies begin to scour the continent, searching for the prophesied child who will one day spell ruin for the king, but this puts him at odds with many of his closest advisors. At the same time, Samuel, a young man living deep in the northern forests of the kingdom of Avalon, comes to realize that he has extraordinary power, both great and dangerous. At the behest of his uncle, Samuel will embark on a journey to both understand and control his developing abilities, as well as to hide him from the armies of Mandor sweeping the land, who will surely believe he is the child they seek. And while Samuel searches to uncover the truth about his nature, a pair of bounty hunters, Dracar and Dialo, will be plucked from self-imposed obscurity to fulfill oaths thought long-buried and forgotten in order to save Avalon from the invading hordes of Mandor. Desires will cross and motivations will be questioned as every person comes to understand that they must be willing to lose everything they hold dear if they are to survive the coming conflict and win the day.

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Master of Arts


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Jeremy Schraffenberger, Chair, Thesis Committee

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