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Osteoporosis in women--Saudi Arabia--Prevention; Health education of women--Saudi Arabia;


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the knowledge as well as the behavior necessary to prevent osteoporosis among Saudi women. Also, this study aims to evaluate the level of knowledge on osteoporosis prevention activities and determine women’s perception about the most important factors that increase the occurrence of osteoporosis. This study sheds light on women’s understanding of the connection between physical activity and calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis as well as determining how education programs can increase women’s understanding of preventing osteoporosis. A quantitative cross-sectional design was utilized for this study and self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. The findings showed that most participants had a limited knowledge about osteoporosis. Some participants were aware of some knowledge about osteoporosis, but many other of participants were not aware of various important knowledge related to osteoporosis. A considerable number of Saudi women were aware of osteoporosis risk factors. Saudi women had a limited level of knowledge regarding physical activity and calcium intake associated with osteoporosis. A few participants had received education about osteoporosis, but the majority of participants recognized the need for osteoporosis education programs as important to increase participants’ willingness to prevent osteoporosis and improve healthy lifestyles and behaviors. These findings suggest educational programs are needed to increase knowledge and healthy lifestyle practices in preventing osteoporosis among women.

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Master of Arts


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Catherine Zeman, Chair, Thesis Committee

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