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Diabetes in women--Saudi Arabia; Diabetics--Saudi Arabia--Social networks;


The purpose of this study was to describe the impact of social support on Saudi women with Type II Diabetes. This study describes the different types of social support (emotional, instrumental/tangible, informational, and appraisal) offered to Saudi women who have Type II Diabetes living in Qatif City, Saudi Arabia. Lastly, this study aims to assess the types of social support that Saudi women receive from others (i.e. spouse, family members and friends, and peers) in order to improve the quality of life. A qualitative design, semi-structured interview technique was used. The data was collected by using a screening questionnaire and face-to-face interview. All the interviews were conducted in the Arabic with 20 women via face-to-face interview. Results indicated that women face challenges with diet change, exercise, and adherence to measure blood glucose levels after diagnosis with T2D. Not all women face challenges in adherence to taking the medication regimen. Women received most informational and instrumental support followed by less emotional support. No evidence of appraisal support was reported in this study. Some women relied on themselves and used several coping strategies for behavior change, including healthy diet and physical activity (walking). Social support plays a significant role in diabetes health; especially when improve the quality of life and strength self-care management.

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Master of Arts


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