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There are many ways to present a police lineup. Two presentation techniques of interest are the simultaneous and the sequential lineups. A simultaneous lineup is a presentation style in which all photos are presented at once, while photos in a sequential lineup are presented one at a time. While simultaneous lineups are used more often in the United States, sequential lineups have been demonstrated to reduce false identifications when compared to the simultaneous lineup. Therefore, use of the sequential lineup has been recommended to different police agencies. A hybrid lineup administration method, which combines both the sequential and the simultaneous lineups, has recently been recommended to the state of New Jersey. Using this method, witnesses are shown photos one at a time and are required to make a "YES" or "NO" response for each face until all faces have been presented. If the witness desires to view the lineup a second time, the lineup is presented simultaneously. In order to examine the efficacy of the New Jersey method, participants will view a video reenactment of a crime and will be asked to choose the perpetrator from a lineup. Lineups consisting of six photos will be presented sequentially. If the participant wishes to view the lineup again, the six photos will be presented simultaneously. Half of the lineups will contain the perpetrator (target-present) and half will consist of six foils (target-absent). The strength of the witness's memory trace will be manipulated by doubling the video viewing distance for half of the participants. It is hypothesized that relative to participants in the good memory trace condition, participants in the poor memory trace condition will chose photos more often in the sequential condition and require a second viewing more often.

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