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Competency Based Teacher Education; Field Experience Programs; Higher Education; Preservice Teacher Education; Reading Instruction; Remedial Reading; Student Teaching


This program; leading to specialization in reading on the undergraduate level; has been developed by the Division of Reading in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Northern Iowa. The B.A. program in Elementary Education: Remedial Reading is characterized by early and continuous involvement with children in classrooms and clinical settings; an emphasis on the development of total language competency in the child; close supervision of students' work with children; and attention to the progress of individual students in relation to program objectives. The course work in this program is planned so that the student moves from a knowledge of the reading process and school reading programs to management and decision-making skills; first on a one-to-one basis; then in a small group; and finally in the classroom setting. The Reading Division includes five full-time faculty members representing expertise; publication; and service in the field of reading. In addition; two professional reading clinicians and graduate assistants serve in the Reading Center. (Author/BD)


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