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Academic Standards; African Culture; Area Studies; Cultural Context; Developing Nations; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Geography; Geography Instruction; Social Studies; Standards; Nigeria


This lesson plans project provides information and classroom-ready lesson plans about Nigeria. These lesson plans can stand alone or be used in conjunction with one another. They have been correlated to coincide with the standards set forth in Geography for Life. Following background information "Why Study Nigeria?" (A. Shields); lesson plans are entitled: "Climate Graphs in Nigeria" (K. Sundstedt); "Comparing and Contrasting Water in the United States and Nigeria" (K. Daughetee; A. Hoeper); "Comparing Nigerian and United States Populations" (A. Hoeper); "Comparing the Wisdom of Places" (K. Sundstedt); "Conflict and Cooperation in Nigeria: A Dilemma" (K. Weller); "Nigeria: A Case Study of Africa" (K. Weller); "Cultural Nigeria: The Calabash" (C. Oldenkamp); "Desertification; Fulani Herders; and Ecosystems in Nigeria" (K. Weller); "Economic Development" (N. Cooper); "Getting To Know You and Others" (A. Hoeper; N. Cooper; K. Sundstedt); "The House That Musa Built" (A. Hoeper; D. Walsh); "How Do Your School Rules Compare?" (N. Cooper); "Nigeria Online" (A. Hoeper); "Nigerian Storytelling" (A. Hoeper); "Nigerian Transportation through Mathematics" (A. Shields); "Nigerian Women as Traders" (N. Cooper); "Population vs. Natural Resources in Nigeria" (K. Weller); "Siege Mentality: Current and Past Conflicts" (D. DenHartog); "Tin Mining on the Jos Plateau" (N. Cooper); "Traditional Musical Instruments" (N. Cooper); "Traffic and Transportation in Nigeria" (C. Joslin); "Traffic Flow in Nigeria" (D. Walsh); "Understanding the Wisdom of a People" (K. Sundstedt); "Nigeria and Africa: Using Mental Maps To Organize Information" (K. Weller); "What's in a Name?" (A. Hoeper); "What Is a Region?" (G. Kuhter); and "War and the Animal: One Man's Experience During the Beginning of the Biafran War" (D. DenHartog). (Lists 34 Web sites.) (BT)


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