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Administrators; Adult Education; Adult Students; Coordinators


The study assessed current adult education personnel needs in Iowa of people administering and teaching career supplementary courses by surveying 22 administrators; 228 coordinators; 39 teachers; and 662 students. The first phase of the study was the conducting of a workshop for administrators to assess personnel needs and provide programing experience. A needs assessment questionnaire was developed and mailed to workshop participants; the next phases consisted of surveying teachers and coordinators through the questionnaire. Phase four involved contacting a sample of students who had taken career adult education courses in Iowa during 1972 and having them complete a special students' questionnaire. Administrators expressed a need for training in techniques of management; techniques of identifying and assessing community educational needs; and developing systems of evaluating teacher effectiveness. Teachers indicated a strong desire for an area media/curriculum center and familiarity with techniques of teaching adults. Inservice training was viewed as essential; with local mini-sessions a desirable format. The students' survey revealed a very favorable response to the career supplementary program. Approximately two-thirds of the document consists of supplementary appendixes. (EA)


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