Outstanding Master's Research Paper Awards


This is a collection of recipients of the Outstanding Master's Research Paper Award given by the UNI Graduate College. Only award winning works posted to UNI ScholarWorks are listed below. For a complete list of award recipients, go to the Graduate College website. To go to the Graduate Student Award Recipients collection page, Click here.


Papers from 2023


Communicating Emotions Through Art and Conversation, Paige E. Kayvan, Samantha R. Doyle, Payton Cannon, and Traci Jolley Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2024 Award

Papers from 2021


Effects of stepwise guided inquiry on students' attitudes and depth of knowledge from written lab reflections in high school chemistry, Melissa Rae Campbell Johnson Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2022 Award

Papers from 2020


De Vos a Tú: Acomodación lingüística y actitudes lingüísticas en estudiantes internacionales de Centroamérica en los Estados Unidos = De Vos a Tú: linguistic accommodation and language attitudes among Central American international students in the United States, Jose Salinas Herrera Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2021 Award


Clinical outcomes of orofacial myofunctional therapy in children without concurrent orthodontia, Julia Logan Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2021 Award

Papers from 2018


Genetics unit lesson plan for the Next Generation Science Standards, Erin Hogan Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2020 Award

Papers from 2015


Influx of child immigrants to the United States: Policy & practice implications, Megan Vogt Open Access Graduate Research Paper 2016 Award