Mary Ann Bolton Undergraduate Research Award

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Recipient of the 2022 Mary Ann Bolton Undergraduate Research Award - Runner-up.

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2022 Award

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Open Access Paper


Businesswomen--Bahrain; Credit--Bahrain; Capital--Bahrain;


Entrepreneurship is essential to virtually every economy; however, Bahraini women face many challenges accessing business development. In particular, a major constraint for these women is their access to capital support. In 2020, the government signed a law prohibiting gender-based discrimination in access to credit to help the issue; nonetheless, its effectiveness has yet to be systematically examined. Using data from several sources, I test whether the law significantly affected the gender gap in borrowing for business purposes while controlling for other variables. Importantly, I find that women’s labor force participation is a significant factor in reducing the borrowing gap between men and women, and removing traveling restrictions on women positively affects their labor force participation. These results are robust across multiple regression models. Hence, a culture supporting women’s economic involvement is the foundation for their credit access.

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Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

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Brian Warby

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Evan Renfro


Department of Political Science

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