Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017

Influence of Study Abroad on Students’ Cultural Attitudes, Salomi Aladia

Science, Religion, and Moral Foundations: Predicting Attitudes Toward Controversial Issues, Hailey Hatch

The Relationship of Client’s Interpersonal Style and Perception of Relationship to Therapy, Elisheva Havlik and Sage Comstock

Women in STEM: Does Role Congruence Affect Major Choice and Retention?, Alba Karuni

Gender Differences in Cognitive Dissonance Reduction Strategies for Partner’s Attractiveness, Lijing Ma


Perceptions of Transgender Populations: An Educational Module to Increase Knowledge and Reduce Negative Attitudes, Dacia Oberhelman


Gender Differences in Civilian Stigma of Combat-related and Military Sexual Trauma-related PTSD, Marjorie Perkins

Just Sleep it Off: Does Sleep Moderate the Impact of Insecure Attachment Styles on Cortisol Levels?, Kristin Rooff


Predictors of Attitudes toward Transgender Men and Women, Emma Welch, Antoinette Fleming, and Hailey Hatch

Events from 2016

Individual Differences in Helping and Receiving Help Across the United States and India, Salomi Aladia

To Act or Not to Act: The Relationship Between Ambivalent Sexism, System Justification, and Collective Action Intent, Jenna Gray

Resilient to the Threat: Moderators of Stereotype Threat and Women's Math Performance, Victoria Linnerson


Control Threat Induces Internalization of Benevolent Sexism among Women, Zheng Li

Do Relational Standards Add to the Investment Model in Predicting Commitment in Romantic Relationships?, Lijing Ma

Portrayals of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Media: Stigma and Perceived Humor, Camille Marie

Associations Between Romantic Relations Attachment and Sleep Patterns: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation, Dacia Oberhelman

Gender Differences in Combat-Related PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma-Related PTSD, Marjorie Perkins

How People React to Rejection: Perceptions of Fairness and Motivated Responses to Possible Discrimination, Manuel Salinas

Up Close and Personal: Examining the Role Race Plays in Public Perceptions of Law Enforcement, Olivia Thompson

Public Opinion on Climate Change: Evidence of a Pluralistic Ignorance Effect, Brendan Walters

Events from 2015

The Effects of Threats to External Control Sources on Racial Prejudice, Salomi Aladia, Kristin Broussard, and Zheng Li


Predictors of Racial Prejudice: A Meta-Analysis of the Influence of Religion and Political Orientation, Kristin Broussard


Injunctive and Descriptive Norm Effects on Physical Activity, Monica Ehn

Priming State Instability: A Pilot Study, Larissa Hall


Self-Enhancement in Relation to PTSD Stigma, Corina Klein

Resilience and Stereotype Threat: An Examination of Math Performance in Men and Women, Victoria Linnerson


Suppression of Stereotype Threat Negatively Impacts Self-Evaluations and Interpersonal Outcomes, Zheng Li


Identification of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo by Teachers, Rachel Meisinger

A Model for Measuring the Contribution of Form to Perception of Biological Sex in Point-Light Actors, Michael Mintz

The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness on Attitudes Towards Fighting in Professional Ice Hockey, Brock Rozich

Substance Use Stigma of Marijuana Users: Does Contact or Familiarity with Marijuana Users Influence Stigma?, Stephanie Strong and Mindy Guajardo

It’s Criminal: Media Portrayal of African American Male Victims of Police Shooters, Olivia Thompson

The Influence of the Single Stereotype on Moral Judgments, Peng Zhang