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Kyrie Borsay

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Kyrie Borsay is an Instructor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Northern Iowa. She previously worked as a research assistant for the Center for Violence Prevention, which provides violence prevention training in universities and high schools throughout the state. Kyrie is currently a Fall 2018 candidate for her Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction and will be receiving a graduate certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her dissertation is titled “Pre- service Teacher Knowledge and Attitudes about the Trans Body in the Classroom: Implications for Teacher Education.” Her research has focused on the trans body in the classroom, social justice education, implicit bias and violence prevention. She is currently working on publications titled, “Intimate Partner Violence in the Transgender Community due to Social Disorganization Theory,” and “Racial and Gender Steering by Academic Advisors: A Look at Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat, and Microaggressions.” She has also published articles on STEAM and education. Previously, she has conducted multiple workshops on Implicit Bias.



  • Title: Implicit Bias: Unconscious Associations Influenced by Experience
  • Date: November 5/2018
    Time: 12 p.m.
    Location: Rod Library ScholarSpace

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Women's and Gender Studies Program, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA



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