Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program at the University of Northern Iowa is defined as all undergraduate academic programs in educator preparation involved in the instruction of strategies and methods for teaching, the professional sequence, and the supervision of field experiences that lead to licensure to practice in PreK-12 school settings. Based upon this definition, teacher preparation at UNI is a campus-wide endeavor involving each of the four academic colleges:

  • College of Business Administration;
  • College of Education;
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences; and,
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Because of its primary role involving teacher preparation, the College of Education provides important leadership for the program through its provision of the Office of Teacher Education and its dedication of resources which serve all teacher education majors at UNI (e.g., professional sequence licensure coursework, and field experience/student teaching coordination and supervision).

The main governing structure for UNI Teacher Education Program at the University of Northern Iowa consists of:
  • An Executive Council;
  • Two Senates (one elementary and one secondary); and,
  • Two coordinators of teacher education (one elementary and one secondary).


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