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Program of a music recital given by faculty, students, or guest artists from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Performer 1

Robert Washut, conductor

Performer 2

Rich Medd, conductor

Performer 3

Iowa City West High School Jazz Band 1


Iowa City West High School Jazz Band 1 Selections by T. Matta, J. Coltrane, M. Dana, and R. Middagh.

Iowa City West High School Jazz Band 1 performers: Jacob Nishamura, Max Fennell- Chametzky,Peter Tearse, Avery Smith, Akar Jari, Chad Johnson, Jun-Hee Lee, Thomas Gumper, Ryan Benson, Drew Duncan, Brandon Burkhardt, Nathan Tansey, Nathaniel Nyberg, Terra Hill, Ander Fuller, Daniel Burgess, Ned Furlong, Joel Tansey, Joe Feldman, and Sean Chi.

UNI Jazz Panthers Selections by C. Merz, J. Coffin, R. Middagh, B. Howard, K. Wheeler, M. Davis, and J. Kern.

UNI Jazz Panthers performers: Chris Merz, Rishi Kolusu, Sandy Nordahl, Gerardo Gomez, Lexi Forstrom, Josh Carlo, Abe Miller, Gage Schmitt, Kyle Marlin, Colton Whetstone, Sam Anderson, Rachel Bearinger, Kevin Boehnke, Seth Nordin, Michael Stowe, Brady George, Josh Piering, Tanner O’Connor, Taylor Kobberdahl, Sam Nau, Marshall Egerton, and Nick Behrends.


Spring 2016

Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2016


School of Music, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa



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UNI Jazz Panthers, April 15, 2016 [program]



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