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Program of a music recital given by faculty, students, or guest artists from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Performer 1

Justin J. Mertz, conductor

Performer 2

Logan Vander Wiel, Graduate Conducting Associate


Selections by A. Reed, D. Welcher, A. Read Thomas, C. Debussy, and J. Mackey.

Performers: Lauren Larson, Shelby Miller, Laura Stanish, Cheyanne Chapin, Anna Cook, Emma Fassbinder, Elinor Johll, Ren Mattson, Annika Andrews, Abbie Greene, Nathan Dickerson, José Calderon, Mikaela Dunn, Molly Engle, Sarina Gretter, Ricky Latham, Ben Medbourn, Angel Ramirez, Ashley Richardson, Joanna Eyanson, Katie Plotzke, Maddie Roach, Aaron Unash, Gerardo Gomez, Jonathan Green, Colton Kurtz, Estefania Ravasio Corrales, Tim Schmidt, John Shea, Andrea Verburg, Sam Anderson, Jacob Kraber, Logan Mohr, Abigail Murdock, Liz Patrick, Andrew Piper, David Thom, Kathryn Rech, Spencer Walthall, Sebrina Webster, Tabitha Alitz, Jack Dunning, Augustus Geiger, Eric Karr, Charles Kendeigh, Zachary Miller, Sam Ogilvie, Maleah Garwood, Bradley Lorence, Eric Riehle, Freddie Paulson, Ryan Schneider, Nicholas Todd, Zoey Cobb Trevor Else, Brandon Fox, Jake Rager, Mack Vos, and Nick Behrends.


Fall 2017

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School of Music, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa



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Northern Iowa Symphonic Band, November 9, 2017 [program]

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