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Program of a music recital given by faculty, students, or guest artists from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Performer 1

Rebecca Burkhardt, conductor

Performer 2

Christopher Merz, saxophone

Performer 3

Michael Conrad, piano

Performer 4

Alexander Pershounin, bass


Selections by M. Conrad, L. Larsen, M. Abels, and W.G. Still.

Performers: Isaac Schwartz, Cayla Bellamy, Sang Koh, Eric Kim-Fujita, Maxime Despax, Sebastian Ostertag, Bethany Washington, Maria del Pilar Serrano, Abigail Moore, Leticia Gomez, Margaret Ierien, Peter Holden, Bailey Renfro, AnneMarie Tate, Lizzy DeJong, Donovan Klutho, Tory Thompson, Bradley Affolter, Jacob Lesan, David Phetmanysey, Heather Stultz, Andrew Adamec, Stephanie Ramos, Dylan Klann, Haley Nicholson, Morgan Kaiser, Lyudmilla Lebedeva, Kyle Geesey, Erin Gaherty, Clayton Ryan, Michael Gedden, Nick Shellenberg, Catherine Christian, Sam Stover, Alicia Scott, Thomas Gumpper, Mackenzie Dugger, Shelby Miller, Kameron Reed, Julian Castillo, Abbie Green, Kristin Rasmussen, Alissa Ortega, Lucas Randall, Angela Schwartz, Glenn Zimmer, Makayla Rasmussen, Anya Shorey, Aaron Unash, Joel Andrews, Dan Charette, Ryan Miller, Madison Mohr, Brittany Schultz, Matt Kapka, Jacob Kraber, James Mons, Jason Andriano, Colin Krukow, Josh Piering, Adam Denner, Seth Chronister, Zoey Cobb, Gerald Ehrman, Eric Green, Tyler Martin, Isaac Schwartz, Andrew Adamec, and Brittany Schultz.


Fall 2019

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School of Music, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa



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Orchestra Jazz: Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra, October 17, 2019 [program]



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