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Program of a music recital given by faculty, students, or guest artists from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Performer 1

Danny Galyen, conductor

Performer 2

Chris Copeland, conductor

Performer 3

Meredith Tipping, conductor


Selections by A. Boysen Jr., P. LaPlante, J. Mackey, B. Karrick, M. Mussorgsky, and A. Schoenberg.

UNI Concert Band Performers: Cheyenne Chapin, Katie Currier, Mary Kieffer, Abigail Ingwersen, Timarie LaFoy, Sabrina Wiebold, Molly Engle, Skylar Lindeman, Lille Murphy, Angel Ramirez, Taylor Sandven, Chris Wichert, Elliott Britt, Kayla Dustin, Vienna Greenway, Kaleb Mast, Sydney Barnum, Karissa Jensen, Aaron Kirchman, Matt Kapka, Gavin Knott, Ellie Haan, Greg Novey, Samuel Smith, Sierra Steen, Tabitha Alitz, Chance Elton, Eric Karr, Cole Kern, Elizabeth Schechinger, Zach Eberle, Noah Huff, Eric Riehle, Freddie Paulson, Bethany Brooks, Laura Kaufmann, Ethan Newbrough, Jesse Polanco, Will Rothfus, and Rachel Vaughan.

UNI Wind Ensemble Performers: Kim Abeyta, Anna Cook, Ren Mattson, Lydia Richards, Meredith Tipping, Kristin Rasmussen, David Thompson, Alex Tjelmeland, Nathan Dickerson, Mikaela Dunn, Sarina Gretter, Ben Medbourne, Sayyod Mirzomurodov, Alissa Ortega, Lucas Randall, Angela Schwartz, Andrew Wiele, Glenn Zimmer, Riley Andreasen, Anya Shorey, Aaron Unash, Andrey Floryanovich, Lexi Forstrom, Colton Kurtz, Gage Schmitt, Sam Anderson, Morgan Eadie, Kelley Meinen, Abby Murdock, Brenda Sevcik, Dan Charette, Brittany Schultz, Ryan Miller, Madison Mohr, Irene Swanson, Obediah Bauer, Augustus Geiger, Zachary Miller, Tom Mortenson, Terra Hill, Joseph Morris, Sam Nau, Adam Denner, Nate Jones, Donovan Klutho, Nick Behrends, Kyler Boss, Zoey Cobb, Trevor Else, Tyler Martin, Mack Vos, Gretchen Brumwell, Vakhtang Kodanashvili, and Andy Braught.


Spring 2019

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School of Music, University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa



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UNI Wind Ensemble and UNI Concert Band, February 28, 2019 [program]



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