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Paperless construction, in a nut shell, is the use of online or electronic programs for managing contracts, changes, drawings, submittals, RFis, correspondence, lab data, and inspection reports (Construction). The paperless construction movement is making its way through all types of construction, including residential, commercial, and heavy highway. It affects the whole project, from pre-bid, to project management, to closeout, and as the industry constantly becomes more paperless, contractors are forced to make changes in their processes to keep up with the trend. Peters Construction Corporation in Waterloo, Iowa, is an example a company committed to keeping on the leading edge. Peters already uses some advanced software and hardware in the office to effectively handle their business, but they realize constant change is a must to remain competitive.

Currently, PCC uses Timberline Estimating, Accounting, and Project Management software. The estimating software electronically automates the estimating process to maximize accuracy and efficiency, thus saving the estimating department much time and effort. The accounting software works with the estimating and project management software to quickly and accurately manage the books. The program makes it easy to show a breakdown of job costs, as each process is coded into the accounting records accurately. Timberline Project Management stores all the project documentation, including RFis, change orders, submittals, and transmittals in one central database, allowing the easy generation of reports and inquiries. The estimating department also uses a Digitizer, which quickly and accurately generate linear, area, and counted takeoff, reducing manual spreadsheet and paper calculations (Timberline). Even though the staff at PCC has access to this valuable software, none of the programs are used to their full potential, and constant updates of hardware and software are a must.

The main question this paper focuses on is "What steps do contractors need to take to transition into and maintain a competitive edge through the paperless construction movement?" The answer may not be the same for every organization, but our goal is to present Peters Construction Corporation three options they can implement into their operation to effectively move toward paperless construction. The three options are a wide-format printer/copier/scanner combination machine, iSqFt, and Electronic Construction Closeout.

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