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Employees--Training of--Iowa;


The existence and structure of state funded worker training and retraining programs are a much debated economic and political topic in Iowa. On one side of the debate there is a group of economic developers and community college personnel trying to operate a system of worker training programs. On the other side of the debate there are certain staff at the University of Iowa Labor Center would like to have these programs revised. The debate covers a wide variety of topics including the treatment of the unemployed, worker and community competitiveness, and the growth of human capital in Iowa.

This project considers the response of the state of Iowa to the issue of worker training programs. In order to evaluate Iowa's policies, the federal response and the debate concerning Iowa's programs are discussed. Responses from local Economic Developers, University of Iowa Labor Center staff, and a task force of business persons and Economic Developers are discussed and evaluated. Finally, a list of recommendations for changes in the structure of certain worker training programs is provided.

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