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United States. Environmental Protection Agency--Management; United States. Environmental Protection Agency--History;


This paper is a study of how the Presidency affects, and has affected, the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is a relatively new agency having only been created in 1970. Therefore, I have focused my research on the individual administrations from President Nixon to President Reagan. I shall present to you trends in presidential policy towards the Environmental Protection Agency, and how they have shaped the Agency, its direction, and its effectiveness.

To place this research in context, I will begin by presenting a history of the Environmental Protection Agency. This survey will focus on major events and important pieces of legislation that were crucial to the creation and evolution of the EPA. This will also include the manner in which this agency was formed and the organizational patterns it has assumed.

The history is then followed by a discussion of the Presidency's role in relation to the Environmental Protection Agency. I will focus on important trends and specific examples that show what the Chief Executive can do to alter the EPA. This includes budgetary patterns, the types of appointments made to the Agency, and the attitude of the President towards the Agency.

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