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Roberta Roth, Faculty Mentor


University of Northern Iowa. College of Business Administration--Information technology; Business schools--Information technology;


In the last six years, the student computer fee has revolutionized the way information technology is used at the University of Northern Iowa. Students within UNI's College of Business Administration have a variety of advanced resources at their fingertips. Some of the resources that are available include: computerized and multimedia classrooms, access to specialized software through the Blanford Lab, and an Information Systems Research Lab that provides opportunities for students and faculty to use special software and equipment.

A study was conducted during the Fall 1996 semester to determine how well these resources serve the needs of CBA students. This study measured the students' awareness of the technology services offered by the college, evaluated their level of satisfaction with the current resources, and identified what additional needs were not being met. Participants in the survey indicated that their lack of awareness of the resources available was one of their greatest frustrations, along with the limited lab time available to them. Students are obtaining information about these resources primarily by word of mouth through professors and other students. There was a general sense of confusion among the students that participated. Even those who were aware of the resources, seem to be confused over what those resources could be used for and who was allowed to use them.

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Department of Management

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