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Glass ceiling (Employment discrimination);


What better inspiration for research on the glass ceiling than the words of such influential women. As a young woman who will soon graduate college and enter the business world, in a field still dominated by men, the glass ceiling was a natural choice for my Presidential Scholar's research. When I first heard mention of the topic, it sounded like an age-old concept; one that was no longer in the public perception for the simple fact that it no longer existed. All my life, I have been led to believe that as a woman I can do anything, and that there will be nothing in my way besides the limitations I place on myself. While I would love for this to be true, the research I have conducted has led me to think otherwise. This research took several forms. In terms of secondary research, I reviewed articles written on the topic. I then conducted my own primary research by surveying a group of women and finally by conducting a series of interviews with four fascinating and open-minded women, all of whom, it seems, hit their own glass ceiling and managed to break through.

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