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Medical records--Data processing; Medical records--Moral and ethical aspects;


Although there may have been other issues that have not been addressed in this article for the medical record system alternatives, these are the most critical ones at this time. Both the smart card and the regional network technologies are feasible with respect to cost and technology. However, the implementation of each one means something very ethically different from the other. If a decision is made to employ either system, it should be made only after society decides whether privacy and property or accessibility and accuracy is more important.

Making an ethical decision will not be an easy task, yet it must be done. Someday another technology or system may develop which is superior in all ethical dimensions, it may even be an enhancement to one of the technologies presently being discussed. However, that other technology may also never arise. After all, privacy and protection is often naturally in conflict with accessibility and accuracy (Essin, 1993). Thus, since both of these systems have advantages over the current medical record system, not taking advantage of these technologies is probably senseless. Either system should improve the present status of medical records.

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