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Educational technology;


Teachers today are faced with an ever-changing and growing group of challenges when teaching their students. A continued trend toward the mainstreaming and inclusion of students with special needs into general education classroom, along with the increasing number of students being labeled "At-Risk" have created a demand and necessity for innovative and creative teaching strategies. A somewhat recent phenomenon has been an increased emphasis on the implementation and utilization of "technology" in classroom instruction. Teachers at all levels and all subjects are facing this "push" toward technology, but this project focuses on the teaching of mathematics, particularly at the secondary ( grades 7 -12) level.

The term "technology" is often associated strictly with electronic or otherwise mechanical devices used to make given tasks easier, more productive, or generally more efficient. Webster's dictionary, however, defines the term technology as "the application of knowledge for practical ends." It is this definition that will used throughout this project, implying that electronic technology, such as calculators, videodisks, and computer software is only one aspect of the technology that can be incorporated into the mathematics curriculum and instruction.

This project will address the positive and negative implications of the utilization of a number of specific types of technology as discovered through recent research projects across the country and around the world. Practical and applicable suggestions will also be presented for the utilization of technology in the classroom.

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