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Robert Seager


Grief in children; Loss (Psychology) in children;


Children need their parents, family, friends, teachers, doctors, and clergy to help them move through a death experience positively. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (1983) says that family members who have been able to talk together and share their experiences with other family members, hospital staff, or with a compassionate clergy or friend , usually do much better than those who hold all of their feelings inside, pretending that life goes on as usual. Grief and fear, when allowed to be expressed and shared in childhood, can prevent much future heartache. It is so important for all of us to again learn to look at death as a part of life. When we actively teach our children about death, it can be a precious time of growth, learning important life lessons through a very difficult situation. However, trying to dismiss death or the questions our children have can leave permanent scars and damage, setting the stage for future death anxieties, and relational and psychiatric problems. My hope is that as a society, we will learn to view death as a part of life, teaching our children that it is all right to grieve, and through it all life will be seen as a treasured gift.

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Department of Biology

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