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Accounting--Standards; Small business--Accounting;


The purpose of this paper is to explore the issue of the alledged standards overload problem. This exploration can be accomplished by breaking the topic down into several key areas of discussion. To fully comprehend the nature of the problem, it is necessary to have some background on current generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP): what is the nature of current accounting standards and where do they get their authority?; what is the purpose of current accounting standards, and is this purpose served for both smal 1 and/or privately held companies as wel I as for large, public companies? It is also necessary to have some background on the history of the controversy. The next logical step is to attempt to define the term "small business" -- a task not as easy as it would appear. The exploration of the problem continues with an analysis of both the users of the information found on the financial statements of small and/or nonpublic companies and the users of the information found on the financial statements of large, public companies: are the users different?; do their needs for information differ? Next, an analysis of the costs and benefits of complying with current accounting standards is necessary: does the cost/benefit ratio differ for small and/or nonpublic companies and for large, public companies? Assuming that a standards overload problem does exist, a discussion of possible solutions to the problem is the final step.

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