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Hispanic American consumers; Target marketing--United States;


As Hispanics become more and more visible in the United States, businesses need to recognize this group of consumers as the valuable asset it is. Hispanics are becoming better educated, which leads to higher paying jobs and more buying power. What companies need to realize, though, is that it takes a sincere effort to reach this unique consumer group. Translating the general advertising campaign into Spanish is not sufficient enough to gain this group's loyalty. Companies need to appeal directly to the values and culture of Hispanics in America if they expect to add them to their clientele base. Before they can create a successful marketing approach, however, they must first have a complete understanding of the people they are trying to reach, which takes a great deal of research.

I have taken the liberty to compile data from various sources including the Internet, books, and magazines to provide a basic overview of what exactly companies need to take into consideration when marketing to the Hispanic population in America. By considering this information, not only will companies have more knowledge about this up and coming consumer group, but everyone will benefit from better understanding our fellow members of American society.

First, we will identify who "Hispanics" really are, following which we will examine how this population has and continues to change. Next, we will explore Hispanics as a consumer group before identifying the major issues in marketing to this population. Finally, I will share my experiences within a company that is presently struggling with the very issue of marketing to Hispanics.

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