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Mammals--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Iowa;


Instilling an appreciation of nature in our youth is an important precursor to environmental protection and support for sustainability. Research has shown that involving students in environmental projects improves their motivation, skills, and achievement on standardized tests, This document contains images of the body parts of small mammals with directions for reproducing, cutting, gluing, and assembling them (with paper fasteners) into life-size jointed models of the animals. There are two distinct versions (different color phases and poses) of each of 11 small mammals that generally live in grasslands, along creeks/ponds, or woodland edges of Midwestern habitats: Eastern Chipmunk, Franklin’s Ground Squirrel, Eastern Mole, Plains Pocket Gopher, Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel, Northern Short Tailed Shrew, Southern Bog Lemming, Meadow Vole, Meadow Jumping Mouse, Deer Mouse, and Northern Grasshopper Mouse. A set of card fronts and backs gives facts about each of the animals (to be matched to the corresponding jointed models) with an image of the correct animal on the reverse side for selfchecking. The main lesson activity is explained and presented as a learning cycle. A menu of authentic activities that would make meaningful follow-on activities in the last phase of the learning cycle, the expansion phase, is presented. These are sorted into different multiple intelligence areas to provide student choice and differentiation of instruction. Each activity is accompanied with objective, instructions, rationale of how the activity is an authentic task, criteria for evaluation and an example correct response to the activity. [50 Figures; 12 References; Appendix with 20 pages of additional figures]


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