STORM Project

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Gr. 6; Gr. 7; Gr. 8; Gr. Middle school

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Activities and Labs


Environmental science--Experiments; Ecology--Experiments; Atmospheric physics--Experiments;



• Make predictions and explanations based from evidence.
• Identify sources of air pollution that affect air quality.
• Interpret and apply the Air Quality Index.
• Have the desire to share Air Quality information with others.

5-8 NSES Standards:

• Standard A: Inquiry •Standard D: Structure of Earth Systems
•Standard E: Science and Technology
•Standard F: Personal Health, Population, Resources, Environmental and Natural Hazards, Risks and Benefits, Science and Technology in Society

9-12 NSES Standards:

• Standard A: Inquiry
• Standard D: Geochemical Cycles, Origin and Evoluti
on of the Earth System
• Standard E: Science and Technology
• Standard F: Personal and Community Health, Environmental Quality, Natural and Human Induced Hazards, Science and Technology in Local, National, and Global Challenges


Department of Earth Science


STORM Project - Science Center for Teaching, Outreach, and Research on Meteorology

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