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Mastodons--Iowa--Franklin County; Fossils--Collection and preservation--Iowa;


On September 23, last, there was unearthed a large tusk in a gravel pit on the farm of W. S. Heuermann, section 21, Reeve township, Franklin County, about four miles south of the town of Hampton, Iowa. While loading gravel, one of the workmen noticed something sticking out of the gravels that resembled a horn. Upon closer examination it was found to be a giant tusk, the largest of its kind, according to the best information available, ever found. The tusk was complete before it was broken by the workmen. The length was 11 feet, 7½ inches, while the circumference, at the proximal end was 2 feet, 2 inches. In extricating the tusk from the gravels the tip end was broken, as was a small portion, about 18 inches in length, 2 feet back from the tip.


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Reprinted from the Pan-American Geologist, Volume LXII, October 1934. Geological Publishing Company, Des Moines, Iowa.

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