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School Violence: A Focus on Mental Health

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Impact of Gun Violence in School Systems

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Florida responded to the Parkland shooting with the Public Safety Act, which included measures restricting the sale of firearms to individuals with mental illness. As suggested by this act, mental illness has become a focal point in the debate on how to address school shootings and has increased the call for "red flag" legislation. These laws target those persons believed to be in psychological crisis, having potential to harm self or others and permits law enforcement to remove the person's access to the firearm. Not all states officials support red flag initiatives; some argue that having one's firearms removed without the chance for an initial court hearing is in violation of one's due process. Which states are more likely to adopt stringent gun laws related to mental illness? In examining this topic, this chapter explores statelevel legislative action concerning the passage of red flag laws, 2018 through 2022.


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